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Anglophone Section

Cité Scolaire Internationale – Anglophone Section

The Anglophone Section of the Cité Scolaire Internationale of Lyon has 548 students from Elementary/Primary school through to High School. There are 4 teachers for Elementary/Primary and 10 for College and Lycee. 5 extra teachers share their time between Section lessons and teaching ESL in the French Enseignement National.

Section lessons are 6 hours a week for Elementary school and Collège and 6 to 9 hours a week for Lycée. Subjects taught in the Section in Collège and Lycée are Literature and History/Geography (subject shared with teaching in French). 2 optional subjects are available during the first year of Lycée – Work & Communication and Drama (both 3 hours a week).

Exams taken in the Section are :

Le Brevet Option Internationale

GCSE English

GCSE English Literature

GCSE Drama

Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB)

2009-10 exams results were :

Brevet : 100%

GCSE English : 98,6%

GCSE English Literature : 100%

GCSE Drama : 100%

OIB : 98,4%

A unique feature of the Section is the agreement whereby the French Ministery of Education contributes 40 teaching hours a week. Section fees for the 2010-11 school year are :

1 707€ / year for Elementary and College

1 747€ / year for 2nde (first year of Lycée) – without Option

2 413€ / year for 1ère and Terminale (last 2 years of Lycée)

Section Office is open from 7.45 am to 4.30 pm everyday except Wednesday (2.30pm). For more information, go to or e-mail tom.badou chez