Pandemic posts

As soon as lockdown began on 16 March 2020, my students began a personal creative writing journal to record different aspects of their lives during this very unusual period.

We began each lesson with approximately ten minutes of writing, sometimes with specific questions to answer, but more usually with a reflection on what had happened and their feelings about it.

The classes involved were: 5LV1, 4LL (anglophone), 2LVA, 2LVB, 1LVB.

The objectives were:

  • to practise writing in English;
  • to give students the opportunity to express themselves about what they were living, in real time;
  • To record how things progressed over time in order to create a document about a major event in our lives;
  • they could include pictures, drawings, music, poetry etc to help them express themselves and communicate their feelings;
  • to show that good things can come of bad; it’s possible to keep calm and carry on!

Linda Quilici

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2LV1-1 2LV1-2 Baptiste Stouvenereau’s journal

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